“It’s you,” said the clown.
“No, not me,” I replied.
“Yes. You have the words,” she said. “It’s your job to tell the whole story, the real one, the inside record. Spill the saga of all of us.”
Peta Rabbit, the clown. The alchemist. The timelord, with the riddles of joy and sorrow.

Well, this is that record. It just took a while. Half a century.

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Australia’s 1970s. Canberra.
Remember those naked full-moon festivals with all the Treasurer’s happy hippie mates? Those Down to Earth “ConFests”.
The scandals, the conflicts?
This old hippie was there, and those hippie mates were his mates.
All living our stories and seeking our dreams.
This is our tale.

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Q. Does “Down to Earth” still exist?

A. Yes.  And No.

As a national network of regional organisations, “DTE” faded into nothing after the abandoned workshops of 1980.

Mount Oak commune property was purchased eventually, but was mired in disputes that were settled in court. It is now a public reserve.

The Victorian DTE group had incorporated quite early, and it did survive, holding regional ConFests that continue today.

The simplest answer is No, there is no national group in the original understanding of what was “Down to Earth”.

You really should read Down to Earth.